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Free Online UCAT Bootcamp

Intensive UCAT training, designed to deliver core UCAT theory and techniques

Free Online UCAT Bootcamp

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Learn from UCAT high achievers and experts about how to approach the UCAT to maximise your potential performance
Comprehensive guide to start your preparation for the UCAT
Access videos, worked examples and practice questions for each subsection, which are all streamlined into a user-friendly interface
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Section 2: Free Online Atlas

Videos - In-depth videos covering each section in detail
Exam - A comprehensive UCAT diagnostic exam with predicted scores
Podcasts - 5+ hours of podcasts from high scoring UCAT experts

What's Inside?

Go through some key fundamentals for the UCAT and see where you stand with our practice exam!
Online Classes
Interactive and supportive online classes that cover all 5 subtests
Practice exams
Comprehensive or express exams that will assess each of the 5 subtests
Interview offer calculator
Estimate your chances of receiving an interview offer for your preferred university course
Medicine sorting hat quiz
Find out which medical school is best suited to you based on your ATAR and more
Medical pathway quiz
Take this quiz to find out which pathway to medicine you might travel
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