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A complete UCAT practice-question database with helpful resources, mock exams, and over 5000 practice questions

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Question Bank Course
Best for - Independent learners looking to take charge of their UCAT preparation
Learning style - Access practice questions and UCAT resources online in your own time, and create custom quizzes based on difficulty, question type and time available
Practise - Test yourself with mock exams and mini-mocks, determine your projected UCAT score, and learn to beat the timer with over 2000+ practice questions
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The UCAT question bank is an online database that contains over 5000 practice questions in total. If you’re confident in your UCAT study but want some extra resources to practise your skills, the question bank was made for you. You can practice individual questions, create customised quizzes based on difficulty, question type or time limit, or complete full-length and mini mock exams. With each mock exams, you’ll get a projected UCAT score, so you can see how far you’ve come and where you need to focus. You’ll also get access to our online UCAT Atlas that offers a number of resources to help with different elements of the UCAT exam.

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Complete Question Bank
An online database of over 2000 questions and detailed solutions to help you practise. Create your own quizzes and customise for difficulty, question type and speed.
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Mock Exams
A collection of true-to-life mock exams to help you prepare for the real thing, including detailed solutions and helpful guidance on avoiding common pitfalls.
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Online UCAT Atlas
A full set of resources to help you get acquainted with the UCAT. Watch detailed videos on common UCAT issues, get advice from high scorers, and explore our guides on how to improve on all question types.
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